About Me​​​​​​​
3D VFX Artist in Las Vegas, Nevada. I love to hone my craft and discover new
more efficient ways to creating 3D art & animation. I believe all workflows can be
non destructive, allowing for adaptive changes and flexibility, even in high pressure situations. I enjoy problem solving, not just for the challenge of completing a task, but also to prevent roadblocks for my fellow collaborators in the future, to make their paths easier.
I believe collaborative environments thrive more by sharing and celebrating individual strengths, allowing stronger team success. I also believe critique and feedback are crucial to understanding art from multiple perspectives. I understand what I see in my art. What do you see? How does it impact you?

I struggle with wanting to create both stylized and realistic 3D. I'm told I have to pick a side, but I love them both, so I straddle the line. Stylized allows my creative juices to flow freely using forms and shapes to communicate, while realistic sharpens my focus on the smaller details.

I have been blessed to work with SUPER talented designers, whom I still connect to help push me forward and continue to move the goals I've set for my 3D design.
email: rtgaddy@me.com
Drop me a line for feedback,
chat or questions.
Thank you!
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