What's Your Education?
MFA in Computer Animation from Miami International University of Art & Design
BA in Graphic Design from Valdosta State University. 

What tools Do You Use?
3DS Max is my primary 3d application. I'm going to learn Blender eventually "I swear, lol".
I specialize in ZBrush Sculpting & Texturing (Substance Suite), but am passionate about 3d animations & simulations including cloth, fluid, & particles.
While I'm fluid in 3DS Max, I have experience in Cinema 4D and Maya (8 years ago, but I'm sure it's like riding a bike).
My new favorite renderer is Corona Render based on speed and ease of use. My secondary is VRay with a dose of Arnold.

What's Your Work Experience?
I've done Low-Poly/High-Poly Modeling, Shading & Lighting (Vray, Corona), RT Game assets in both Unity & Unreal, UI Design elements, Compositing, Motion Graphics, VFX, Product/Architectural Visualization.
I've done a little bit of everything, so I've learned to adapt quickly to changes during production.

Feel free to email any other questions. 
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